About Us

Hoppergrass Lawn Care, LLC is an independently owned and operated full service landscaping company with over twenty two (22) years landscape experience.  Our company is MBE certified and we offer creative solutions to “beautifying your lawn” servicing Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia area locations.  Core services include commercial and residential mowing, design and installation of retaining walls, water ponds and walkways, deck and fence waterproofing and staining, fertilizing & pruning shrubs, gutter cleaning, landscaping, lawn care & maintenance, residential power washing, sod installation, snow and ice removal, weed control.

Several years ago I was on top of the world with my investigation business.  Suddenly, without warning I had a stroke.  I was temporarily paralyzed and unable to move.  As I was lying on my back in bed a revelation came to me by a higher power to start a landscaping business.  This revelation gave me the motivation to get well and to start my own business, now called Hoppergrass Lawn Care.  My father taught me about taking care of the lawns and showed me how beautiful God’s nature can be.  I grew up in the country and as I look back over my life, I find that some of the “simple things” in life give me the most pleasure.  My proudest moment was when we opened for business in 2007 and became a limited liability corporation in 2008 under the name of HopperGrass Lawn Care, LLC.  I enjoy designing and transforming unkept, unhealthy lawns into beautiful, lively lawns.  It gives me great satisfaction to provide a type of service that the customer appreciates and benefits the entire neighborhood also. The key to our success is making sure that our client understands what it takes to beautify their home.

3540 Crain Hwy, Suite 445
Bowie, Maryland 20716
Phone: (301) 442-2465
Fax: (301) 560-5787


“HopperGrass brings life to your lawn”
In the country we didn’t know it was a grasshopper,
So we call it HopperGrass because it
Hops on the grass …
Hop! Hop! …